RightNow Media is a video resource with thousands of Bible study sessions for kids, students and adults available anytime, anywhere. At First Baptist Melbourne, our goal is to provide tools and resources for growth and spiritual development. RightNow Media is a great source for Biblical teaching from well known pastors and speakers.


We invite you to a FREE subscription with RightNow Media


Enjoy and benefit from some amazing teachers in the body of Christ! Membership IS free!. If you consider First Baptist Melbourne your home church, and are interested in a RightNow Media subscription, fill out the form below to request an invitation from First Baptist Melbourne. If you already have a RightNow Media subscription; visit the site and login.


NOTE: By using this site you are agreeing to RightNow Media’s terms of use as posted on their website as well as their privacy policy. Failure to comply will result in termination of your account.

How to Sign up

After entering your information in the form below and confirming your email address, you’ll receive an email from Right Now Media within 7 days giving you instructions on how to log in and access the library. If you have any questions or issues please use this form.




What do I do once I get the invitation?

Once you get the invitation to join First Baptist Melbourne's RightNow Media group, you can click the link in the email and register on the site. Your account will be associated with First Baptist Melbourne and you will enjoy all of the resources and benefits of our subscription with this service.


How do I watch on my TV, Computer or Mobile Device?

Your entire Bible study library can be viewed instantly from any computer or mobile device. If you are streaming a video in a group setting, then getting the video signal to your TV or projector is a snap. Visit:  for video tutorials on how to connect via these devices.


Where do I login?

Once you have registered with the RightNow Media site, you can login on their website at