Group Leader Training

Electronic Attendance Taking


Q: What if I forgot or don't know my username and password?

A: More than likely, your username is your first initial and full last name (i.e. LGoodall). If you have fogotten your password, please email to reset your password or for assistance.

Q: I got a new device and don't have my shortcut anymore, what do I do?

A: Go to in your web browser on any device and follow the available steps to re-create a shortcut.

iPhone / iPad InstructionsAndroid Instructions

Q: Someone visited our group for the first time, how do I add them to my group?

A: Select “Add Member” when viewing your guest group, type their first and last name in the search box. If they are not in our database, please add them and include as much information as possible. They are now in your guest group!

Q: I need more help, who can I contact?

A: Don’t worry, help is available! We want to make sure you are comfortable with this process, if you are in need of assistance please contact

Q: I already submitted my attendance electronically, why am I getting a text message to remind me?

A: Thank you for being awesome and submitting your attendance! These are just automated text messages that go out every week as a friendly reminder regardless of whether you’ve already submitted your attendance. So if you’ve already submitted the attendance, feel free to ignore the text message.

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